We’re Hiring! Are You A Senior Full Stack Developer?

Senior Full Stack Developer  Please note *** You need a minimum of 7 years full time experience outside of internships to be considered for this role! ***  iRestify is an Enterprise level cleaning and maintenance platform designed for property managers. We have fully digitized the daily activities of facilities management. Our user community enjoys integrated […]

Life Hack: How To Stay Organized Using Your Mobile Device

At iRestify we understand the challenges of staying organized when you are balancing several contracts and your personal life. In this article, we provide hacks and tips to stay organized using your phone by creating dynamic checklists and making the most out of your calendar app. Although some prefer to write tasks on sticky notes, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Antimicrobial Disinfectant Fogging

For years, sanitization and disinfection cleaning experts have been utilizing fogging as an effective cleaning solution but what exactly is fogging? As cleaning experts, we deliver the answers you’ve been seeking as we detail everything you need to know about Antimicrobial Disinfectant Fogging – the most effective cleaning solution to stopping the spread of viruses […]

Property Management Company Makes Health and Safety the Top Priority for its Communities

To find out how we can help you, please click here. In the midst of the current pandemic, we often think about high-risk locations being grocery stores, hospitals and the general transit system. These are public spaces that millions of people walk through.  During this time, a sentiment of uneasiness has sprung up for people […]

Cleaning operator Camila leads her team to perform a rapid response to clean, disinfect and sanitize 10 multi-residential buildings.

“I’m proud that my team and I can provide peace of mind during this very stressful time” – says Camila, an iRestify cleaning operator.  At iRestify we help property managers and building owners manage their cleaning services via their mobile device. Over the past few weeks, our clients have asked us to provide additional cleaning […]