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We’ve worked long hours here in our Toronto office to make sure that we made all the necessary upgrades to make our platform the best on the internet for those looking for cleaning services for their home, office, business or condo. The iRestify online platform, which lets customers book and manage a cleaning service transaction in a matter of minutes is a great product for anyone in the Toronto or Greater Toronto Area who is looking for cleaning help. However, being that this is the only platform available for those at commercial locations, offices and businesses, today we highlight the three essential reasons why businesses should be using iRestify’s online booking solution.

Workplace Morale

Toronto is unofficially the tech capital of the country with thousands of startups, similar to iRestify, that pop up each year. Toronto is a startup generator and most of these companies operate in shared workspaces or have very little budgeted for cleaning services. These startups often require employees to stay outside of working hours to help clean up these community spaces. However, using iRestify to clean your Toronto-based startup would have a positive impact on the workplace morale and allow employees to focus on core responsibilities. Getting cleaned by Toronto company that understands the workplace culture, desire to push a viable product and budget restraints makes iRestify a perfect partner for your Toronto startup.

Pay As You Go/No Long-Term Commitment 

Currently, the most popular option for obtaining cleaning services for your office or business in Toronto involves connecting directly with a cleaner and going through estimates and pages of unnecessary paperwork which is often confusing. iRestify creates an environment that connects service experts to customers in a matter of minutes. This hassle-free environment is pay as you go, with no long-term contracts or a complicated negotiation process. Lastly, the geolocation feature allows the customer to see when the cleaning expert entered and left the location.The customer, you, have the ability to manage the entire process online, making it a hassle-free environment.


In every Toronto office or business there are assets, paperwork, and valuable items that cost a lot of money. At iRestify, we ensure customer satisfaction by making sure all the service experts on the platform have undergone background checks, are insured, and totally vetted. This multi-step process helps iRestify establish credibility and gives the consumer the trust needed when obtaining cleaning services.

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