Toronto saw a record 14.03 million tourists in 2015 who probably skated on the ice rink at Nathan Phillips Square, rode the elevator up the CN tower or dined on the French-Canadian masterpiece known as poutine. In the old days (like 2014), most people stayed in hotels but it’s 2017 and the millennials have made their choice: they love short term rental spaces.

Sites like Airbnb, Canada Stays and VRBO all cater to this growing trend of setting up consumers with short term rental spaces. These locations need to be cleaned frequently which is why we created the new BnB portal, designed to make your short term rental space shine!

Let’s think about it for a second. Two guests from a small town in Norway like Harstad (population 23,640) book your short term rental space in Toronto while visiting the city for two weeks. You use iRestify’s BnB portal to book a cleaning service because you really want to impress your guests and get the best rating possible. These two guests, come to your location, notice how spotless it is, and tell the entire country of Norway (population 5.196 million) about how they MUST stay at your location. You just increased your business exponentially by using iRestify to take care of your cleaning needs.

Of course we’re exaggerating but you can see what we mean. First impressions are everything, and leaving a lasting first impression on your guests means an increase in referrals, an increase in rating and ultimately, more business.

This online booking form caters to the market of short term rentals by specifically addressing the needs of this sector. For starters, owners and property managers of these BnB spaces can book a minimum two-hour clean. Additionally, linens are changed with every service. One load of laundry is included with every clean booked for 3.5 hours or more.Customers also have the option of adding more laundry services . Lastly, cleaning supplies are provided by the service experts for every clean so you never have to leave cleaning supplies at the location.

If you want the entire country of Norway to notice how clean your space is to start lining up to stay at your short term rental location, please book a BnB cleaning today.

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