Olivia is an office manager for a large downtown firm that has 139 employees. Here are just some of the tasks Olivia has to complete every day:

  • organizing meetings and managing databases
  • booking transport and accommodation
  • organizing company events or conferences
  • dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries
  • preparing letters, presentations and reports
  • managing office budgets
  • delegating tasks to junior employees

Feel sorry for Olivia yet?

We didn’t even mention the task that puts her in the spotlight every day, making sure the office is sparkling clean on a day to day basis. For this, she reached out to iRestify after the firm’s current cleaning service was not reaching her company’s expectations.

Olivia has now been using the iRestify platform for the last six months to book, schedule and manage the office cleaning service and she’ll be the first to tell you, we have exceeded her expectations.

Here’s what she had to say about the platform:

“As an office manager with 15 years of experience, I can assure you that I’ve worked with multiple cleaning companies but nothing comes close to iRestify. Uploading a cleaning checklist has saved me hours upon hours of having to reach out to a cleaner to make sure something is cleaned before a big event. I access invoices in under 45 seconds to send to our accounting team and the quality of each clean is outstanding.”

Want to know another secret about Olivia? She’s a star when it comes to the iRestify referral program. Through the program, Olivia has been able to receive $1500 in VISA gift cards. Here’s what she had to say about the program:

“iRestify’s referral program is amazing. I referred three other office managers I knew to the platform. In return, they sent three $500 VISA gift cards. I took those gift cards and I went out and did all of my Christmas shopping! Seriously, all of my Christmas shopping was covered and all I ever did was tell my friends about an outstanding cleaning service which they started using for their companies.”

There you have it, not only did iRestify make Olivia’s job easier, we also took care of her Christmas shopping.

Do you know anyone looking for an office cleaning service? Tell them about the iRestify Referral program and both of you can enjoy a little Holiday Shopping on us! ​

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