Office Managers can now rejoice, iRestify is introducing a new feature that will make your job even easier. At iRestify, we pride ourselves on a technology – driven service and we’re delivering with our latest feature.

The first step started in 2016 when we launched our online booking platform. Office managers have since been able to book their cleaning services online all in under five minutes. Instead of calling, negotiating, and waiting for the cleaner to arrive, office managers have been able to book cleanings online.

We’ve since completed 30,500 cleaning services.

With this came the GPS tracking feature. Office managers have been able to track the status of their cleaning by simply logging into their dashboard where they can see that the cleaner is on their way, arrived, and job complete!

In 2017, we launched the automated invoices feature, allowing you to access all invoices directly from your inbox.

In 2018, we launched the checklist uploading feature. Office managers can upload checklists in their dashboard that go directly to the cleaner, eliminating any areas of confusion or interpretation and ensuring that expectations are exceeded!.

Now, in 2019, we’re introducing a new feature that will eliminate quality checks, meaning you never have to be on site during, or after a cleaning because we are taking care of that for you!

Introducing media sharing. Upon completion of the service, service experts can upload pictures and videos of the space. You can now visually see that the job was done and the quality has been met from anywhere in the world and from any device!

That’s right, you can see exactly what the space looks like upon completion of the service and you don’t have to wait until the next day. We take care of it for you! You can also upload pictures and video along with comments and these go directly to the service expert.

Join the other 600 office managers using iRestify to handle their cleaning services and let us continue to make your lives easier.

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