7 Reasons To Use iRestify For Your Office or Business Holiday Party

Yesterday, we spoke about why iRestify should clean up your home for this Holiday Season but we haven’t forgotten about the many Toronto offices and businesses that may need our services this time of year. Yes, party planning committee, office managers and small startups, this blog post is just for you! Here are the seven […]

7 Reasons to Use iRestify For a Home Cleaning This Holiday Season

It’s a slippery and snowy day in Toronto which means that we’re in full Holiday Season mode. We’re less than three weeks away from the day that Santa slides down your chimney and we hope that you have an enjoyable Holiday Season. As you probably already know, this month we have a special promo “Jingle12” […]

5 Reasons To Keep Your Fitness Area Clean

Cleanliness Leads To Healthiness According to a recent study published by Indiana University, researchers found that those who lived and worked out in clean places were more likely to be healthy and active than the sample size who lived and worked out in cluttered areas. From this study it is apparent that when you’re working […]